WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an popular easy to use platform to host your site.

One major plus is that WordPress is extensible. You can add custom features to WordPress with the help of plugins.

WordPress is like a program to manage your website in a quick and easy manor. In the old day’s if you wanted to make a website you had to know how to write it in code, not any more, with WordPress you can just add pages, posts and images at the click of a mouse.

Alongside our domain name management services we can also offer affordable WordPress hosting.

Basic Hosting Package from only £6 per month

  • Pre-installed WordPress ready to go
  • FREE HTTPS Certificate to keep your site secure (unlike other hosts this is free and we will renew it for FREE as long as your with us)
  • Technical support via e-mail
  • FTP access to your website
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited e-mail forwarders
  • 1GB SSD server storage space (an average website uses less than 10% of its available storage)
  • Ideal for any small business or personal website with less than 250 visitors per day.
  • WordPress optimized server environment.

Please note that basic hosting does not include any backups.

If you wish to purchase this package, either with or without a domain name please contact us.

Additional Options

Off site backups – For an additional £3 per month we can offer remote off site backups. Limited to one full site backup per day. This means in the event you need to restore a file or your entire site there are backups available.

CloudFlare Setup and Configuration – For a one off fee of £20 we will setup and configure CloudFlare. This can offer you additional piece of mind as CloudFlare helps to secure your website, it can also speed the site up and offer you a range of performance statistics.

This is via a free CloudFare account and the fee charged is for the setup and configuration of CloudFlare, this includes any DNS changes required (if the domain name is managed by us)

Website Statistics – For a one off fee of £5 we will enable website statistics.  This is a secure page that you access via a login and password and you can view statistics about your website traffic, view by month and drill down to see where your traffic comes from, see your most popular pages and who your visitors are, plus loads more web traffic information.

Web site design – Not sure how to setup the site ? If you would like us to setup the website then please contact us for a quote.

If you want to know more about our WordPress hosting, or order this service then please contact us.