Male and Female Coax Connectors

One question we often get asked is what is the difference between male and female coax connectors, we hope this guide will help answer the common questions.

A male coax plug connects to a female coax plug or socket.

Coax connectors on the rear of a TV

On most TV’s used in the UK the socket on the rear for the TV aerial signal is a female socket, this means that your aerial cable that you wish to plug into this needs to have a male connector on it.

Coax connectors on a typical wall plug

A typical wall plate for a coax connection in the UK will look like the below image. It has a female socket so requires a male plug to connect to this. If you have a wall plate like this then you will most likely require a male to male cable to connect from the wall socket to the TV.

The below image shows the difference between a male and a female coax plug.

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