Electronics Repairs

Electronics Repairs

Our electronics and electrical services include the repair and service of most electrical and electronic devices, we can also supply spare parts for almost any electrical or electronic product via our Part Finder service.

We have contracts with, and buy from a wide range of trade suppliers. This enables us to locate any parts required in a fast and effective manner. Our PartFinder service is a great example of this, as we are often able to locate obsolete or hard to find components that many other company’s are unable to locate.

We only buy from genuine and trusted suppliers.  Over the past few years there has been a massive rise in counterfeit components.  The vast majority of industry activity appears to be focused on the counterfeiting of semiconductors but there is now a rise in other component types that are been subject to counterfeiting, just about every component you can imagine.  If something appears to be to cheep there is usually a reason why.

A component may work as expected first off, but often wont have the tolerance to last, and often fails a lot quicker than expected, usually a matter of weeks or months if your lucky.  We have seen this first hand with customers that have products repaired using sub standard parts.

Here is a short and brief list of some of the equipment we are able to repair and locate spare parts for :-

Audio equipment, Satellite decoders, Hi-Fi’s, TV’s, VCR’s, Radios, DVD Player/Recorder, Computers, Monitors, Printers, Amateur and CB Radios, Mobile Phones, Land Line Phones, Telecommunication Equipment, Game Consoles

If you wish to purchase just the electronic components to repair yourself then please visit our dedicated PartFinder website at www.partfinder.tv